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Product List

Product list - supersedes all other lists
Subject to change without notice
All items are F.O.B. our Northern California warehouse

Please print this page for reference while you are placing an order.

Name Unit Weight
C-256 TRUNNIONS (A pair required for each 1 ton cylinder) 1 34 lbs. each
C-256BC CENTER WOODEN BLOCKS 1 20 lbs. each
C-256BE END WOODEN BLOCKS 1 7 lbs. each
C-262 LIFTING BAR 1 120 lbs. each
C-262M for metric cylinders & C-262FL for use with forklift available - please call for details
C-282 FILTER 1 40 lbs. each
C-282I INSERT 1  
C-282P FILTER PAD SET (6 per set) 1  
C-265,C-266,C-267,C-365,C-366 DIFFUSERS Prices vary according to pipe size and design requirements. Please contact us.
*$75.00 Minimum purchase is required for the maintenance parts for C-282 Filter

C-376A for 100/150 lb. Cylinders of Chlorine or Sulphur Dioxide 1 100 lbs. each
C-376AM for 100/150 lb. Cylinders of Anhydrous Ammonia 1 100 lbs. each
C-376B for 1 Ton Cylinders of Chlorine or Sulphur Dioxide 1 115 lbs. each
C-376C Tank Cars of Chlorine or Sulphur Dioxide 1 175 lbs. each
(Information on Emergency Repair Kits replacement parts are available upon request)
(Specialized options are available for the scales at extra cost. Please contact us)
SINGLE SCALE each 235 lbs. each
DOUBLE SCALE each 470 lbs. each
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