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When we first introduced the One Ton Scale, few water treatment plants used on-site computer controlled inventories. In those five years, inquiries about computer interface capabilities for the One Ton Scale have doubled each year.

In response to that growing need we have redesigned the One Ton Scale's electronic package. The redesign makes use of second generation weight indicator electronics coupled to the most accurate and dependable loadcell technology available: a deflection shear beam loadcell. This new design performs the basic functions of its predecessor, but provides them with one hundred times the accuracy. It also adds computer and printer interface capabilities.

In terms of accuracy, most hydraulic analogue scales are accurate to plus or minus one hundred pounds. The One Ton Scale is factory programmed to a sensitivity of plus or minus one pound, but it can be reprogrammed to a sensitivity of plus or minus one-tenth of a pound-or about as much liquid chlorine gas as it would take to fill a shot glass! This critical improvement in accuracy will virtually eliminate dangerous chlorine leaks from cylinders that other weighing devices say are empty.

ScalesComputer compatibility with state-of-art accuracy and reliability in a one-ton chlorine cylinder scale. Whether it's Chlorine, SO2 or any other liquid or gas stored in a one-ton cylinder container, this is how you weigh ! Our One Ton Scale helped set government specifications for chlorine scales:

Chlorine scale shall be of the deflection shear/beam digital electronics type. The scale frame will be gold zinc-plated, finished and sized to accept (1 or 2) 3,600 pound chlorine cylinders. It shall have the required number of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant roller trunnions installed for each cylinder to allow easy cylinder rotation. Frame shall tilt up and hold in place easy cleaning. Scale shall be of such a size that it is within the dimensions of the tank or tanks it supports.

Load Cell shall be of the temperature stable, deflection shear beam type. Flexible cable shall lead from the cell to allow easy remote installation of the electronic weight indicator and shall be 50 feet in length.

Weight indicator readout shall be; 1/2" high characters or better and read zero to 10,000 pounds with provision for far adjustment. Weight indicator shall be temperature stable with automatic electronic damper to prevent shock damage. Weight indicator shall be better than one-half of one percent full-scale accuracy. Weight indicator shall be computer/printer compatible.

Scale shall be One Ton Scale (or Two Ton Scale) as manufactured by CHLORINE SPECIALTIES INC., 1027 California Dr., Burlingame, California, or equal.  


The Indicator is housed in a heavyweight metal case designed for either counter top or panel mounting. The Indicator and its components are built to meet or exceed the metrological regulations of almost every country in the world. The range and flexibility of the sophisticated features, designed into the Weighing Indicator, make it a practical device with exceptional accuracy. This accuracy is based on an internal resolution of 40,000 to an accuracy of 1/10,000. The analog to digital conversion rate is 20 exterior readings per second. The innovative Time-Extrapolated Estimation feature dramatically increases the internal judgement frequency to 200 times per second. This second. This makes the One Ton Scale accurate to a pound, or if need be 1/10 of a pound-a thousand times more accurate than a typical analog hydraulic scale kept in constant perfect adjustment.

Incorporated in the design of the One Ton Scale's Weighing Indicator are extensive noise eliminators and a special "watch dog" circuitry that automatically restarts normal operations if a sudden noise penetration leads to a software crash. The design eliminates excessive outside noise, a common cause of malfunctions in all electronic applications.

The indicator produces sufficient voltage to drive eight load cells in parallel. It also contains a standard battery pack that protects important weighing data for up to one month in the case of a power interruption. All normal operations are on a standard 115 volt power source.

The design incorporates a one-touch, self-diagnostic function to quickly check calibration and dip switch settings. It can be easily connected to interface with a computer or printer. (Option-01 parallel B.C.D. Output and Option 04 E1A RS 232C and 20mA current loop.)


The Shear Beam Loadcell is the most accurate and dependable weighing device in common use. It offers several critical advantages; it does not rely on temperature-sensitive fluids or grease seals that need maintenance or pistons that corrode. In fact, it has no moving parts at all. The beam loadcell collects the analog weighing data by the deflection of a short, solid beam of metal with a small electronic package sealed in back of the beam itself.

The Beam Loadcell is bolted to the scale frame instead of having it permanently fixed to the floor The loadcell lifts out of the way with the frame to ease cleanup and to protect it from unnecessary wear. The loadcell assembly includes a 3/4" ASTM A36 steel plate as a level floor platform and a small 1" thick spacer block. Both parts are covered with a thick coat of gold zinc plating to protect them from corrosion.

The loadcell has a safe overload rating of 8,000 Ibs., giving the scale a total safe overload rating of 12,000 lbs. (almost 400 % greater than what is needed for normal operation).


The One-Ton-Scale comes with fifty feet of chemical-shielded P.V.C. electronic cable, making the scale impervious to incidental outside pressure fluctuations (common to rubber hydraulic line).

The narrowness of the cable allows for low profile inlay or overhead installation to keep the work floor free of obstruction-a safety factor worth consideration.


The body of the One Ton Scale is fabricated from 3/16" wall, ASTM A500 Grade B rectangular steel tubing There are no sharp edges to puncture equipment. All frame members are thoroughly protected from corrosion by a thick coating of gold zinc plating.


Rear block hinges distribute the weight evenly over a large weight-bearing surface eliminating binding. The smooth operation of the hinges insures the accuracy of the scale.

The hinges bolt solidly to the floor with anchor bolts and allow the scale to be easily raised to a position 5º beyond vertical. It will hold that position for the duration of any cleaning operation, then it can be lowered easily back into place. A one-man operation!


We have been making these high quality trunnions separately for over 35 years. They are heavy-duty cast steel and as dependable as sunrise.

They have corrosion-resistant, gold zinc-plated, brushed steel rollers and carriage. Each roller has a separate recessed lubrication nipple, to help eliminate accidental damage.

With the aid of these high quality turnings, one operator can easily position the cylinder outlet valve.


Part of any "positive design" should also include cost consideration. In spite of the high quality we've built into every aspect of the One Ton Scale, we have a pleasant surprise in store for you. For a complete price listing and delivery schedules give us a call.

(Specialized options are available for the scales at extra cost. Please contact us)
SINGLE SCALE 1 235 lbs. each
DOUBLE SCALE 1 470 lbs. each